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Davison, Michigan | September 4, 2019- The most demanded scent in the industry, Conquest Scents has been tested by CWD Evolution, LLC to further ensure their urine lures are disease-free. RT-QuIC (real-time quaking-induced conversion) is the method to test for CWD in urine. Conquest Scents has taken these added assurances to create a healthy environment for white-tailed deer hunters.

Conquest Scents is 100% confident that our products pose no risk of spreading CWD. The RT-QuIC test confirms that.

Top, non-biased scientists have developed cited studies to confirm disease-free urine. This scientific breakthrough brings confidence to hunters to keep Conquest Scents as their favorite weapon accessory.

Conquest Scents poses no risk of spreading CWD.

Conquest Scents poses no risk of spreading CWD.

Andy Morgan 193inch NE Buck Sept 2018.jpg

Andy Morgan Tags Fifth-Largest Deer Ever Taken on Camera

Perry, Michigan| September 20, 2018 – Andy Morgan, co-host of Wolf Creek Productions’ hit bowhunting series, American Archer -Presented by ConQuest Scents, recorded the fifth-largest whitetail ever to be recorded on film last week with a bow and arrow.   Morgan, who resides in Dayton, Tennessee, bagged this magnificent whitetail with a rack that spanned 196 inches on a free-range farm in Nebraska.  Morgan has been hunting in Nebraska for 15 years and it’s one of his favorite states for chasing big deer.  This mature deer was at least seven years old and had been spotted by Andy four years ago.   The warm temperatures during this early season hunt meant that Andy had to be at the top of his scent control game, and he used EverCalm from Conquest Scents every time he went afield. Using his New Breed GX2 bow, and a Black Eagle Rampage 250 arrow, Morgan made the shot from 46 yards away in a tree stand that he hung a couple weeks earlier.   It was a perfect, double-lung hit, and the deer ran 200 yards before dropping.