Tom Nelson's 2018 Kansas buck.


American Archer is proudly presented by Conquest Scents and has been airing on Outdoor Channel since 1997. Host Tom Nelson and co-hosts Joe Thomas and Andy Morgan bring dramatic bowhunting excitement as well as archery education to each episode. Although most of the hunts are done in different parts of the United States and focus primarily on white-tailed deer, some episode are from as far away as Australia and South Africa. Our veteran hosts are joined by a group of die-hard bowhunters who all share the same passion for the sport. This award-winning series features fair-chase hunts with a mission to both educate and entertain.


Tom Nelson, Host

Joe Thomas, Co-host

Andy Morgan, Co-host

Tom Nichols, Executive Producer & Online Editor

Ryan Cornish, Senior Producer & Story Editor

Mike Sherrill, General Manager; Sales & Marketing