Stacie Walker-Prym 1 Camo

Prym1 Camo is one of the newest supporters of The American Archer. Here's a little more info about their president, Stacie Walker.

The American Archer: How did you first get involved in the outdoors?
Stacie Walker: I am from south Louisiana. Being outdoors was a family affair. My dad started taking me hunting and fishing at age five.


TAA: How did you come up with the Prym1 Camo design?
SW: As a wildlife artist and a hunter, I saw the need for a non-traditional camo pattern. I used my knowledge of textures and shape as well as highlights and shadows taken from nature and wildlife to develop Prym1 Camo. I would ask myself, "why does a predator blend into its surroundings so well?" I wanted to design a pattern that would allow the hunter to move through his surroundings with the efficiency of a predator.


TAA: What sort of experience would like your customers to have from using your product?
SW: I want people to have a camo pattern that works in many terrains and situations. I want them to have freedom of movement and I want them to have a camo pattern that is attractive to look at. Because let's face it, camo is a lifestyle.


TAA: How did you get connected with The American Archer and Outdoor America?
SW: I am dear friends with Joe Thomas and have always been a fan of Tom Nelson.

TAA: What type of hunting do you most enjoy?
SW: I grew up duck hunting in south Louisiana and love whitetail deer hunting. But my absolute favorite is elk hunting out west. In fact, as I write this, I am sitting at elk camp in Mesa, Colorado. Tomorrow is the opening morning of the second rifle season.

TAA: What's your most memorable hunt?
SW: The first time I ever went elk hunting with my husband, Lance, in Chama, New Mexico. When I heard a bull bugle for the first time, the hair on my head stood up and tingled. It was awe-inspiring. Hunting such a magnificent animal was life changing. I was hooked.

TAA: What's a dream hunt you'd like to do that you haven't yet had the opportunity to do?
SW: My dream hunt is to go after a bull moose. The sheer size of them is amazing!

TAA: Do you have any programs you're involved with to get more youth into the outdoors?
SW: We are very active with youth. We sponsor "Hunters For Youth" and on the fishing side, we sponsor several state high school fishing programs. I appreciate the fact that my dad took me (a girl!) when I was young. I want other young people to have the same opportunity to enjoy the outdoors through hunting and fishing.

TAA: What three things are you most passionate about?
SW: First in my life is God. I am nothing without Him. Family is second. I am very close to my family and with my husband and two sons, hunting and fishing are a family affair. Third is Prym1 Camo. Being able to incorporate my love for art, wildlife, and hunting and fishing is a dream!